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Undergraduate degree in UK

Want to pursue an undergraduate degree in the UK for a good career start? We at JnS Education ensure you get guaranteed admission to a UK university and turn your dream into reality.

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Undergraduate Degree in the UK for UAE Students

The United Kingdom offers excellent academic possibilities for people seeking bachelor’s degrees, with an emphasis on inclusive education, diversity, and student-centred learning. These programs are well-known across the world and highly valued by organisations and businesses.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in the UK, which has 135 institutions and over 65,000 undergraduate courses, opens the door to a bright future and improved skill development. The rising number of international students seeking bachelor’s degrees in the UK demonstrates this.

How to Apply for an Undergraduate Degree in the UK?

Here are the steps you can follow to apply for undergraduate admission:

In case you do not get the CAS letter you will still receive an email in which the reason for rejection would be mentioned. After that, you can either try again or seek assistance from a study abroad consultant.

Usually, students get admission in the foundation year who do not get admitted to university due to lack of any skills. You can still try college if you are not accepted to a university because UK colleges also admit students for bachelor’s degrees.

Prerequisite to Get Admission in UK for UAE Students

Here is a list of prerequisites that you must have before applying for a bachelor’s degree in the UK:

For an undergraduate degree, you must have at least a 6.0 overall IELTS score, with the same score required for each module. For the TOEFL, you must have at least an 80 overall. PTE is also accepted in the UK. You have to achieve 50 – 60 scores in PTE to be eligible to apply for undergraduate admission to a UK university.

Requirements for UK Study Visa for UAE Students

When applying for a UK study visa, you must possess all the following documentation:
Ensure that you have all of these documents in order to facilitate a smooth and efficient application process for your UK study visa.

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Duration of Undergraduate Degree in UK for UAE Students

Most international and EU students pursue a three-year undergraduate bachelor’s degree consisting of various modules that include seminars, workshops, and lectures. Since certain modules are electives, students can customise their coursework to focus on their areas of interest.

Some undergraduate degrees, such as those in science and engineering, can take up to four years; however, fast-track 2-year associate degrees allow students to finish their coursework and secure employment faster.

Types of Undergraduate Degrees for UAE Students

Typically, the undergraduate degree has the following types:

Students who choose to enrol in a joint or dual-honours program will split their academic workload between two different fields in addition to the traditional three-year undergraduate degree. This will increase the range of subjects that they can choose from and might improve their chances of finding work after graduation.

On the other hand, a sandwich course lasts four years and includes a valuable 1-year work experience related to the degree you are enrolled in.

Shorter Undergraduate Pathways for UAE Students

Those who are thinking about taking shorter undergraduate pathways have the following options:
Foundation Degrees: A foundation year is a preparatory year. It helps students to improve their academic and English skills to get admission to their desired university.
Diplomas of Higher Education (DipHE): Courses for the DipHE are typically focused on a career or vocation, such as social work or nursing. They usually encompass the first two years of a university degree’s curriculum.
Higher National Diplomas (HNDs): HNDs are regarded as being equal to the first two years of university-level study and are frequently focused on vocations or careers.
Higher Education Certificates (CertHE): CertHE courses can be tailored to certain occupations or fields of study. They correspond to the first academic year of an honours program. A CertHE can help with professional shift or promotion, or it can lead to more study towards a DipHE or full honours degree.

These diverse course types provide students flexibility and a choice of courses, catering to a wide spectrum of professional and educational demands.

Top Up Year in the UK for UAE Students

Students who have previously earned a foundation degree, a Higher National Diploma (HND), or a Higher National Certificate (HNC) can upgrade to a full bachelor’s degree with a top-up degree. For people who wish to continue their education but do not want to enrol in a full degree program, this is the best option.

The duration is often a year of full-time study, but for students who need more flexibility, there are part-time choices. Top-up degrees are great because they are very flexible. If you have a job or other important things to take care of, these programs let you study online, from home, or part-time.

Let us now explore more about the courses available for UAE students.

Intakes in UK Universities for UAE Students

The UK has three types of intake throughout the year.

September Intake

This intake is also referred to as fall intake. Due to the increased number of alternatives, students from abroad also favour this intake when enrolling in courses at universities. For this intake, applications typically open in February and are accepted through May.

January Intake

This intake begins in January. In the UK, it is the second kind of intake. Some candidates and students prefer this session who missed the September intake of last year. The application process for this intake starts from June to september of last year.

May Intake

The least popular session provided by UK institutions is the April/May intake. This is due to the fact that this is when most students take their spring break. Thus, studying in the UK becomes far less competitive as a result. This is the time when most of the vocational and practical courses are offered.

Popular UK Universities for Undergraduate Degrees

Here is a list of universities offering UG programs that UAE students frequently choose:

Dive Deep: Universities Offering UG programs in UK

List of Undergraduate Degrees Courses

Following are some of the major courses that Pakistani students select for their undergraduate degree in the UK:

JnS Education can assist you with your admissions process if you are interested in any of the above-mentioned degrees. We are the best education consultants in UAE that answer questions about studying abroad.

Cost of Undergraduate Study in the UK for UAE Students

The bachelor’s degree in the UK fee ranges from GBP 12,000 to GBP 30,000. Your tuition fee may vary across different universities. Study costs in the UK mainly depend upon the university, type of degree, and program you are enrolled in. While studying in the UK, you can also get scholarships.

The opportunity to pay tuition in instalments is another feature that UK institutions provide. For both undergraduate and graduate students, the majority of UK universities normally demand a deposit of £5000 upfront before submitting a visa application; the remaining sum must be paid in instalments.

Scholarships to Study for Undergraduate Degrees

As an international student, you can get scholarships from the UK government and the university you are enrolled in. Here is a list of scholarships you can apply for:

Living Costs in the UK for Undergraduate Students

You must have a budget of nearly GBP 10,000 to GBP 14,000 for a year to survive in the UK. This amount does not include your tuition fee; it is to cover other living expenses. These expenses include accommodation, groceries, utility bills, and transportation. You can cut off these expenses by getting on-campus accommodation instead of a separate apartment or selecting a living location near your university campus.

Location matters a lot in your living cost. London’s cost of living is far higher than that of other places, such as Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Leeds, that offer students equally interesting prospects. It is important to remember that there are other reasonably priced neighbourhoods in London where students can live on less budget.

Working Hours Allowed for UAE Students in the UK

If your course is full-time, your work hours would be as follows:
Make sure to verify any restrictions on work that your college, university, or school recommends or enforces.

Dream, Explore, Study Abroad

Studying abroad gives you the chance to explore different cultures as well as gain qualifications that can help you get into your dream career.

Frequently Asked Questions

For admission to an undergraduate degree, you are expected to achieve a score of 50-60. However, for diploma courses, you may achieve up to 45 scores to get admission.

For admission to an undergraduate degree, you have to score around 80 overall in TOEFL. It means you have to score around 20 in each module.

For admission to an undergraduate degree, you are expected to achieve an overall 6.0 or above, and the same should be done in each module. However, securing high scores will increase your admission chances.

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