Student Visa Support

Student Visa Application Support

Selection of Visa Type:

The visa type a student has to apply for differs from case to case, depending on your study destination, your level of study, and your chosen degree. With so many types of visas present, it is necessary to avail the services of someone well-versed in the process to ensure you select the type required for your specific study route. 

Our advice is individually tailored for every student, letting you make informed decisions so book your free consultation with us today to avail our expert visa services!

JnS Education also provides virtual visa application assistance, helping students with their applications from anywhere in the world

Document Preparation

Gathering all the required documents for getting an international student visa can be a lengthy process, especially considering that the study visa requirements vary from country to country.

With years of experience to our name, the counsellors at JnS Education provide guidance regarding the documents required for a student visa. We aid our students in gathering all the necessary documents, which may include educational transcripts, financial statements, and results of standardized tests required by the immigration department to issue the visa.

Visa Application Filing

Being unaware of the visa application process leads students to make mistakes when filing study visas, which ends up drastically decreasing their chances of studying abroad. 

When you choose us, we assign your case to student advisors with expertise in the visa application filing process of your study destination. Be it a study visa for Australia, a study visa for Canada, study visa for UK, study visa for the US, or any other country, providing detailed university application counselling and filing accurate visa applications is our forte.

Visa Interview Preparation

A significant part of obtaining a student visa is doing well on your visa interview. 

It is necessary to ensure you leave a good first impression and come prepared for the interview. 

The well-trained visa compliance team at JnS Education carries out mock interviews, making use of visa questionnaires provided by prestigious foreign universities to prepare you for all the questions the interviewer would ask. With our track record of success, you’re sure to ace your visa interview. 

Contact us today to book a mock session with our expert team today!

Visa Renewal Facilitation

Since we believe in helping our students through every single step of their journey, we also facilitate students who require visa renewal services while studying abroad. If you need to avail our efficient services, contact us to book your visa renewal service!

When you choose JnS Education’s study abroad services, you choose to simplify the complex process of obtaining a student visa. Book a free consultation with us today to get started on your international education journey!

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