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Study Bachelors Degree in Australia

Are you prepared to start your journey towards earning a bachelor’s degree in Australia, paving the way for a prosperous career? Look no further than JnS Education, your reliable partner for all your study abroad dreams. We are dedicated to helping you secure admission to the Australian university of your choice.

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Undergraduate Degree in Australia for Qatar Students

Australia stands as a top destination for those pursuing a top-tier education and a bright future. With its renowned educational excellence, Australia draws students from around the world. Bachelor’s degree programs in Australia typically span three years, although some may extend to four. To qualify for undergraduate programs, candidates must have completed their high school education or its equivalent, to twelve years of schooling (IGCSE/CBSE). For IGCSE qualifications, a minimum grade of C in two AS-level subjects or one A-level subject is required.

How do you apply for an undergraduate degree in Australia?

Following are the steps you can follow to apply for an undergraduate degree in Australia:

You will receive an email explaining the reason if you are still not admitted. After that, you can try again, or it might be wiser to get help from study abroad consultants. A group of qualified educational experts at JnS Education will assist you all the way to gaining admission to Australia.

Admission Prerequisites in Australia

You must check the list below before applying for a bachelor’s degree in Australia:
Universities in Australia also provide foundation year programs. A large number of international students who don’t qualify for admission to bachelor’s degrees enrol in a foundation year program. Throughout the foundation program, students improve their academic knowledge and improve their English.

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2-Year Bachelor's Degree in Australia

Two-year bachelor’s degree programs are becoming increasingly popular in Australia due to their affordability. This 2-year degree is also known as an Associate degree, which many colleges in Australia offer. Programs offered in an Associate degree offer targeted education, adaptability, and a quick path to pursuing further education. Examples of associate degrees include Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) in limited courses depending upon the college or university.

Australia also has various colleges that offer diploma courses and foundation studies pathways for international students. However, a 3-year bachelor’s degree in Australia is more common than a 2-year degree. Some famous colleges that international students choose are:

Visa Requirements in Australia for Qatar Students

The specific type of visa you’ll need if you want to study in Australia depends on some factors, such as the subject of study and the estimated duration of your chosen degree. In order to pursue your studies in Australia, you need to apply for a student visa, specifically the subclass 500 visa.

For your academic journey to Australia, make sure you have the necessary paperwork in order to submit a successful student visa application:

If you are going to study Master’s in Australia or planning for a bachelor’s degree, you should possess the above requirements and documentation to apply for a student visa.

Top Bachelor’s Universities in Australia

Here are some of the Australian universities frequently chosen by Qatar students:

Group of 8 (Go8) Universities in Australia

Australia has 41 universities in total, among which 8 are top-ranked for their standard education worldwide. Here is a list of Go8 Australia’s leading research-intensive universities:

Popular Bachelor Degree Courses

Australia offers a wide range of bachelor’s degree courses for international students. Some major courses selected by Qatar students are:

If you are interested in the above courses, JnS Education can help you with a smooth application process. We are the most professional educational consultants in Qatar dealing with study-abroad inquiries.

Intakes in Australian Universities

Most of the universities in Australia offer two intakes in a year. Below is the duration of these intakes:

February Intake

International students mostly prefer the February intake. It marks the start of the academic year for Australian universities. Application deadlines range from August to November of the previous year. Classes commence in February.

July Intake

The second most popular choice for Qatar students is the July intake, which is also known as the mid-year intake. The applications for this intake can be submitted between February and May. This intake is considered good for students who cannot enroll in February or require additional time for preparation.

Cost of Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor’s degree in Australia fee ranges from AUD 20,000 to AUD 45,000 annually. Your tuition fee may vary across different universities. Study costs in Australia mainly depend upon the university, type of degree, and program you are enrolled in. While studying in Australia, you can also get scholarships.

Scholarships to Study Undergraduate Degrees

As an international student, you can get scholarships from the Australian government and the university you are enrolled in. Here is a list of scholarships you can apply for:

Living Costs in Australia for Undergraduate Students

According to Study Australia, you must have a budget of approx. AUD 15,000 to AUD 25,000 for a year to survive in Australia. This amount does not include your tuition fee; it is to cover other living expenses. These expenses include accommodation, groceries, utility bills, and transportation. You can cut these expenses by getting on-campus accommodation instead of a separate apartment or selecting a living location near your university campus.

Working Hours Allowed for Students

You are eligible to work along with your studies. Students are allowed to work without having a work permit. You can work up to 20 hours per week during your academic session. During the season and scheduled breaks, students can work full-time without any time restriction.

Dream, Explore, Study Abroad

Studying abroad gives you the chance to explore different cultures as well as gain qualifications that can help you get into your dream career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some Australian universities accept alternative English proficiency tests or offer English language courses for admission.

In Canada, undergraduate degrees typically range from 3 to 5 years, with most bachelor's degrees spanning 4 years.

For admission to a master's degree, you have to score around 80 overall in TOEFL. It means you have to score around 20 in each module.
Following are the English language proficiency tests that are accepted in different universities in Australia:
  1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  2. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  3. Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)
  4. Cambridge Advanced English Test (CAE)
  5. Occupational English Test (OET)
For admission to a master’s degree, you are expected to achieve a score of 50-60. However, for diploma courses, you may achieve scores of up to 45 to get admission.
For admission to a master’s degree, you are expected to achieve an overall 6.0 or above, and the same should be in each module. However, securing high scores will increase your admission chances.

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