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As a prospective international student, your personal statement can be the most decisive factor in your college or university application. That is why you need to make sure that from the scores of applications the admissions team of your preferred university receives, yours stands out. 

Possessing expertise in that area, the student advisors at JnS Education are proficient when it comes to helping you write a winning statement of purpose. Since it plays a significant role in the entire study abroad process, from aiding in university admission to the acquisition of a student visa, it is imperative to get expert assistance in this area. 

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Creating an Impressive Outline

The first step to writing a well-curated personal statement is forming an outline or a draft  that clearly specifies the direction your statement will be taking. Most students miss out on this important step, which results in a statement that lacks the coherent structure top foreign universities are looking for. 

JnS Education’s study abroad services involve complete university admission guidance, a significant aspect of which is guiding you to write the best personal statement possible.

Our team will assist you in gathering all the data relevant to your application and creating an impressive outline. Equipping you with the best personal statement examples, we will help you further polish your outline to come up with a perfectly written statement as a result.

Formatting and Structuring

All top-tier personal statements for college involve one aspect – they are all meticulously formatted and structured. As a student aiming to study in a different country, this step may prove to be something you are unaware of. While the basic requirements, such as font type and size are mostly the same across foreign educational institutions other preferences, such as the required word count, may vary. 

Our university application services incorporate the provision of guidance related to formatting and structuring your statement in a way that meets the criteria of international colleges and universities. This criterion involves the presence of original ideas, a coherent structure and more, formatted according to the university’s preference.

Editing and Proof-reading

After you have penned down your personal statement for university, the student advisors at JnS Education review it once more to ensure that it is error-free. This involves ensuring that your statement is grammatically sound, compelling, and in line with the requirements of the university you’re applying to. 

To write a statement of purpose that impresses the admission committee is no small task but with our assistance, you’re sure to end up with a winning personal statement. 

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