Pathway (Foundation Year) In Australia


Scores of students from all across the world apply to globally accredited Australian universities every year. Some of these students, despite fulfilling the rest of the eligibility criteria,  do not meet the direct entry requirements of their selected university or college. The Pathway or Foundation Year in Australia is the solution for such students.

Benefits of Pathway to Australia

The foundation year is a part of the Australian education system that acts as the saving grace for many international students every year. It has numerous benefits, some of which are: 

  • The foundation year can help you get enrolled in your selected university a lot more easily 
  • It will make up for the shortcomings in your academic background or language proficiency 
  • This year gives international students a first-hand experience of what their academic journey in Australia is going to be like helping them adapt to it better.

Types of Foundation Courses in Australia

Different types of foundation courses in Australia are available. Students can pick the course that will help them land a place in their preferred university and/or field of study from the following options:

1 ) Bridging Programs

Bridging programs are usually one-semester programs. These are used to prepare the students for a smooth transition from the secondary to the tertiary level of education. These programs are designed for students who are almost ready to start their course of study.

2) Diploma Programs

Diploma courses are one year long and aim at inculcating the necessary academic skills and bringing the knowledge of students up to par with the level of understanding required to gain entry into a degree program.

3) University Foundation Studies

A one-year-long course of university foundation studies covers the gaps in the knowledge of the applicant and the level of understanding required for the university course selected by the student. These gaps can be present due to various reasons, including the difference in the educational systems of the student’s native country and Australia. Students who may not have completed year 12 of their education are required to opt for this pathway.

4) Extended Degree Programs

An extended degree program is a type of foundation course that has one additional year of study attached to it as a part of the curriculum. This lets students study one year before they go on to study the field they would like to obtain their degree in.

Entry Requirements for Pathway in Australia

Although pathway programs are an easier way of getting into the university of your choice, they still have some entry requirements that need to be abided by. These include: 

  • Academic requirement – completion of secondary-level education with no less than 45% marks
  • Pass English language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL iBT, and CAE 


Required English Proficiency Test Scores:

  • IELTS: 5.0 for each test component
  • TOEFL iBT – A band score of at least: 46
  • Pearson (PTE) Academic: At least 42 for each test component
  • CAE: An overall band score of at least 147

Universities in Australia Offering the Best Foundation Courses

Top universities in Australia offer various foundation courses that are suitable for international students who wish to pursue their degree studies in the country. Such programs help students gain a good knowledge of the field they are interested in before they begin their actual program of study. Students who wish to study a specific subject can apply for the courses through online applications.

Some Australian Universities that offer the foundation program:

  1. Australian National University – Canberra
  2. Monash University – Melbourne
  3. University of Wollongong – Wollongong
  4. Flinders University – Adelaide
  5. University of South Australia – South Perth
  6. The University of Western Australia – Perth
  7. University of Tasmania – Hobart
  8. Griffith University – Melbourne
  9. The University of Sydney – Sydney
In order to get more information on the best universities for pathway in Australia and to get started on the application process, book a free consultation with the expert counsellors at JnS Education today!

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