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Study Placement Year in the UK

An undergraduate sandwich student placement is an opportunity for a Bachelor’s degree student in the UK to work full-time in industry for one-year and gain professional experience. The placement year typically occurs in the second-last year of the UG degree, just before starting the final year. 

For a postgraduate student, the placement year is usually the second year, before dissertation. Many universities in the UK offer sandwich degrees in various subjects, including business, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and humanities.

During the placement year, the student is also able to earn a full time salary.

UK Universities offering placement year

Many UK universities offer sandwich degrees in different subjects. Here’s a quick list of few universities with placement year options:

It is not possible to list all universities and their courses with placement year. If you wish to apply or need information about specific university or course offering placement, please contact JnS Education.

Tuition fees

International students are required to pay a minimal tuition fee during their placement. You can find information about these fees on the university websites’ course pages.

During the placement year, the student is also able to earn a full time salary.

Finding a placement year

Each university has a career department to assist students in securing placements. These departments have links with many companies across different industries. The Placement Officers in these departments assist students in finding a suitable placement by holding mock interviews and assessments.

However, students can also find their own placements through personal contacts, professional agencies or networking sites. In this case, it should meet the requirements of the course and must be approved by the university.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students enrolled in full-time degree programs can work up to 20 hours in their university term time per week and full-time during their vacation period. After degree completion, international students may be eligible to apply for a post-study work visa, such as the Graduate Route. Whereas students enrolled in part-time courses are not eligible to do any paid or unpaid work in the UK.

After graduating from the UK, you will get 2 to 3 years of poststudy work visa and be eligible to work anywhere in the UK. After successfully securing a job in your desired field, you can extend your work visa and excel in your career.

There are different scholarships available for international students which can cover their tuition fees. However, getting free education at the beginning of your education journey in the UK can be challenging.

Studying in the UK after completing your 12th grade through a pathway program is a great option for Kuwaiti students. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to pursue higher education in the UK after completing your secondary education:

  • Research and Choose a Pathway Program
  • Select Your Course and University
  • Check Eligibility Criteria/Entry Requirements
  • Apply for the Pathway Program
  • Get a Conditional Offer and Visa Application
  • Apply for Your University Degree

By following these steps, you can transition from completing your 12th grade to studying your preferred course at a UK university through a pathway program.

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