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Want to Study Abroad in the USA? Still deciding whether to leave your country and pursue further education, this guide will be helpful for you. The United States of America (USA) is considered the study destination for international students worldwide. Studying in the USA is a highly recommended choice and a life-changing experience for students from Saudi Arabia and all over the world. The country is known for its outstanding educational standards, diversified learning culture, and transformative experience for Saudi students.

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Why Choose the USA for Your Studies?

Before going to the USA, every student wants to know the importance of studying in the USA. And This Question is Asked by many students: why study in the USA? Regarding the study, the USA is considered the Land of academic excellence, with globally acclaimed universities recognized for brilliance. Dive into recent rankings from the University and witness the status of American Education institutions. USA Universities offer flexibility in education, a Vibrant life culture, and many other benefits that are the dream of every Bahrani student who wants to go abroad for education

Study Option In USA for Saudi students

Students seeking education abroad in the USA have diverse courses in US universities. Which mainly includes Undergraduate programs, specialized master’s degrees, and Foundation years courses. American universities provide academic excellence and promote cultural diversity and global mindsets. Choosing the USA isn’t just a decision; it’s a transformative journey for Bahrani students, where educational aspirations meet outstanding opportunities.

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Cost of Studying in the USA

Tuition FEE

The tuition fee in the USA varies based on your degree and institution, ranging from approximately $8,000 to $55,000 annually, covering tuition fees and living expenses.


Average Fee

English Language Courses

$8,400 to $25,000

Community Colleges

$7,000 to $22,000

Undergraduate Degree

$15,000 to $45,000

Master Degree Programs

$22,000 to $50,000

Doctoral Degree

$28,000 to $60,000

Cost of Living

While going to study in the USA, you should Plan your budget with an estimated yearly living cost of $10,000 to $18,000. This will be up to 1000$ per month, and It covers the price of your accommodation, board, meals, travel, textbooks, appropriate clothing for the weather, and entertainment will be covered by this fee

Top Universities in the USA

Explore the leading institutions in the USA that are ready to shape your future


Top Universities

Average expected Fee


Harvard University



Stanford University



Massachusetts Institute of Technology



California Institute of Technology



Princeton University



University of California, Berkeley



Yale University



Columbia University



The University of Chicago



University of Pennsylvania


Admission Intakes

US Universities offer two major intakes every year with addition of summer admission

Fall admissions: These are open in August/September of the year

Spring admissions: Ideal for those missing the Fall intake, and it starts in January

Summer Admissions: This exceptional intake offers Limited programs, typically commencing in May

Top Courses with High Paying Jobs



Annual Salaries


Health and Medical Preparatory



Petroleum Engineering












Applied Mathematics



Actuarial Science



Engineering and Industrial Management




Engineering Mechanics, Physics, and Science



Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering





Student Visa Requirements in the USA

Visa type


F Student Visa

For studying at a recognized American university or at an English language institute.

The requirements are as follows:

A valid passport

Form I-20

Your intent to depart the United States upon completion of the course of study (Personal Statement)

How you will pay all educational, living and travel costs

J Exchange Visa


Ideal for high school or university exchange programs.


M Student Visa


This Visa is particularly meant for non-academic, vocational, or training studies in the USA.



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Dream, Explore, Study Abroad

Studying abroad gives you the chance to explore different cultures as well as gain qualifications that can help you get into your dream career.

Other Study abroad destinations

United Kingdom

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New Zealand

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students having valid F-1 visas are allowed to work part-time during their studies up to 20 hours per week for extra earnings and more than 40 hours per week when there are no classes. There are three employment options available for international students called CPT (Curricular Practical Training), OPT (Optional Practical Training), and on-campus employment. Students who study STEM-approved degrees are eligible for a  2-year extension in OPT.

The US colleges and universities accept three common tests. These include the Cambridge Assessment English (CAE), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

It is challenging to get free education in the USA. Fully-funded or partially-funded scholarships in the USA are also available. The funding amount offered by each scholarship is different based on the applicant's study level, course, and institution.

Many universities in the USA provides scholarship to international students. The funding amount offered by each scholarship is different based on the applicant's study level, course, and institution. The Fulbright scholarship provided by the Government covers full tuition fees. 

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