Free University Admission Guide

Looking to gain admission into one of the top universities in the world? You’re at the right place.
From selecting the perfect course at the university that’s ideal for you to keeping you updated
on the hyper-competitive application cycle, JnS Education’s counsellors help you with it all.
You can book a free consultation with us today to get a head start on your study abroad
Our free university admission guide entails:

Student Counselling

Ensuring you navigate your educational journey in a way that reaps long-term benefits for your
career is something our counsellors excel at. 
We assist you in choosing an educational pathway that aligns with your personal interests.
Complete career counselling to help you set a career plan keeping in view your strengths is
what JnS Education promises to deliver. 
Look out for the nearest JnS office to visit or book a free online consultation with one of our
expert counsellors to answer all your study abroad queries.

University Selection Guidance

With scores of universities present in all parts of the world, picking the right one can be a
complicated process. The mentors at JnS Education work with you to help you determine your
educational priorities. 
From figuring out what course at which university is the perfect fit for you to assisting you in
making the best possible educational decision, you’ll have complete mentorship with our
university selection guide.

University Application Assistance

Navigating through the different application requirements for different universities can be a time consuming process. Our application advisers, being well-versed in this process, provide complete assistance in the university application procedure. Whether you are looking to apply for an undergraduate degree or a master’s degree, our experienced counsellors will make sure your application is successful.
The student advisors at JnS Education will keep you updated on the latest admission
requirements of different universities. We keep you in the loop about varying application
deadlines and assist you in submitting applications that are bound to be accepted by your top-
choice university.

Accommodation Selection

The next step after getting accepted into the university of your choosing is looking for suitable
accommodation. We will guide you about arranging university accommodation and the provided
Our counsellors provide complete information on the pros and cons of different accommodation
options, letting you make the best possible final decision on choosing an accommodation that
fits your budget while providing all the required amenities and facilities.

Post Departure Counseling

Once you’ve embarked on your journey of studying abroad, your student advisor will stay in
constant touch with you to help you navigate through your university journey. 
Experts in helping students adapt to their new learning environments, our team will stay in touch to help you adjust better to your new surroundings. 

The university admission guide provided by JnS Education will take care of all aspects to make
your studying abroad experience as rewarding as possible.
Book a free consultation with our student advisors today to start your journey of studying

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