Arranging University Accomodations

For international students travelling from their home countries to a completely unfamiliar environment, choosing the right accommodation is essential. 

The cost of accommodation options varies from country to country and even area-wise in most cases. For example, accommodation options in the United States range between 1,500 to 2,000 USD per month. Similarly, cost ranges are present in accommodation options for the UK, USA, Malaysia, Australia, Canada and Dubai as well. 

To save yourself the hassle of figuring out the best type of accommodation and its costs, just reach out to us for a free consultation

Here are some of the accommodation options we provide guidance about:

Living On Campus

On-campus housing is by far the most popular option for foreign students. It is the most convenient, providing easy access to classes, the university library, and other campus resources. 

Living on campus is also a great way to build a sense of community with fellow students, being part of student houses and find others going through a similar experience as yours. 

Jns Education’s study abroad services help you find on-campus accommodation at different universities while keeping you updated on the deadlines for student accommodation applications.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Some students may prefer to opt for off-campus accommodation. The reason could be various, including budgetary restraints or simply wanting the experience. Here too, we provide thorough assistance. 

As a part of our admission guidance services, the student counsellors at JnS Education provide detailed information about the types of off-campus accommodations available. Recommendations are made keeping in view the costs and feasibility of these accommodations. 

With complete knowledge of the pros and cons of each choice, our student advisors will help you make the best possible choice so book a free consultation with us today!


To find a home away from home, international students can also opt for homestays. A homestay entails living with a local family for a fee. Homestays are considered to be the more affordable option, while also letting the students gain a real-time experience of their host country’s culture. 

At JnS Education, we understand that moving away from home can be immensely challenging. This is why we ensure our students are provided with complete guidelines about all kinds of available accommodation options. 

You can book a free consultation with us today to obtain complete information on every aspect of studying abroad at the world’s best universities!

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