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A Comprehensive School Counseling Program benefits both students and their parents. When it comes to students, school counseling services can improve academic performance by identifying barriers to learning. Our counselors work with students individually or in small groups to help children understand their goals and selection of academic subjects which can help them for higher education studies. The purpose of the school counseling program is to impart learning opportunities in a proactive, preventive manner, ensuring all students can achieve school success through academic, career and personal/social development experiences.The counseling program targets two main areas of development:

  • Academic – learning to learn
  • Career – learning to work

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The benefits to students.

  1. Prepares students for the challenges of the future by supporting their academic, career, and personal/social development and community participation.
  2. Students are taught the skills for a lifetime of learning, career self-management and social interaction
  3. Relates their educational program to next steps and future success.
  4. Broadens knowledge of our changing world.
  5.  Facilitates career exploration and planning.

The benefits to parents

  1. Their children are prepared for the challenges of the future
  2. Their child’s long range planning and learning is a developed system
  3. Their child’s academics are tied to the next step
  4. Parents are provided with support in advocating for their child’s academic, career, and personal development.

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**Students who do not wish to discuss about their matters in school can visit us in our office or do Skype consulting session (Please fill Free consultation form and we will get back to you)


“What really triggered me and had me impressed was not just JNS’s rich feature set but JNS’s outstanding customer service. There were prompt responses which is integral when you want to successfully implement a learning management system.”

Joe King | India Brand Director , Audi

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