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We work with company’s scholarship departments to provide admission support to their employees. Our Post admission services include Student Supervision, academic support and 24 x 7 available assistance. With our expert counselling team, we ensure to provide efficient and dedicated support to organisations.

  • Coordinate with Cultural attaché’.
  • Manage financial guarantees.
  • Accommodation guidance.

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What our support includes?

Accommodation advice and arrangements

We have information on where to find homestays, accommodation on campus, international student housing, and short term housing. Based on employee preferences, we can advise them the right arrangement options. If any employee wish to stay in private accommodation, we can also support him/her in finding the accommodation.

Travel advice, flight booking and airport pickup

We care about the employee’s transition from their home country to the abroad universities; We can help you to find airline providers and book you a pick up at the airport to get you to your chosen accommodation- or let you know the easiest way to find it!

Academic support & assignment advice

Upon request of student for academic support, we find and introduce professionals who offer highly effective tutoring programs that focus on academic and language improvements to students. These tutors can also help edit your papers, mentor you through your assignment process and help you with understanding of different topics.

Advice on choosing courses

We are partnered to a large amount of institutions in the UK, USA, Canada & Australia and are able to advise companies on the best placement of their employees. Whether company looking to send their employees abroad to improve English language skills or study Undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD courses, we can find the right course for your employees and help them through the application process.

Admissions advice and process management

Course admission, Fees payment process, CAS letter / I20 issuance and registration could be a difficult and time consuming process for prospective student. We can help scholarship department and an employee save time and energy by providing advice all the way through until all the admission processes end.

Student visa advice and applications

Our counselling team has an excellent record of success in obtaining Canadian Study permit, UK Tier 4 and visitor visas, USA F-1 or M-1 student visa and Australian Student Visa. We advise / prepare all necessary documentation required to obtain visa. Part of our expertise are that we always make sure that candidate do not miss any document which could cause visa application rejection.

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