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Studying abroad is a big step in anyone’s life. Some considerations include applications, finances, transferring credits, and of course where you will live during your time studying.
Some of the things to take into account when looking for study abroad housing, include:

  • Different types of available housing options
  • Location
  • Safety

Housing Options

Here are a few of the most common housing choices that JnS Education can help you with as a study abroad student:

College Dorms

A popular choice for university students is college dormitories/ residence halls. Many universities offer accommodation on-campus, with shared rooms or living spaces. It can be a competitive process to gain a place in on-campus housing as they are highly sought after but using JnS affiliations with partner Universities, we can help you get to the front of the queue.

Room, Apartment, or House

There are many houses and apartments near Universities abroad that cater to the needs of students. Furnished accommodations with individual student rooms are often provided. Rental prices typically do not account for utilities so it’s important to check prior to signing a lease. If you're interested in a specific accommodation you may share it with your JNS advisor and we'll get all the required information for you.

Living with a Host Family

JnS Education Partner Universities and English Schools often work with local families to provide accommodations to study abroad students. Families with a spare room in their house often rent it out to students and this is usually a great option if you tend to feel homesick.


One of the most important considerations you will have to make is how easy it is to get to and from campus from the places you’re considering. Can you walk or will you have to take public transportation? If you must take public transportation you will need to factor in the additional time and money.


JnS Education will make sure that the place you choose is 100% safe. You will want to feel secure in your surroundings whether lounging at home or walking alone. It’s important to rely on a trusted source when picking your accommodation. We advise you to contact JnS and take our feedback before booking a private accommodation outside of the university.

University Accommodation Contact Detail

We try to make things easy for study abroad students. Select the University from drop down to find out the University accommodation office contact details.

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