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Your Pathway to Study Medicine in Malaysia, The UK and The Ireland

Enrolling in a medical studies program is the first step towards an exciting career in medicine.

Once you apply with JnS Education for a medicine related program that fits you, a JNS education advisor will contact you for a discussion on your academic background and to ensure you meet all the prerequisites to apply to your selected program. Our education advisors will then work with you to select suitable medical schools for you to apply to.

Why Study Medicine?

  • A broad range of medicine related opportunities for future jobs in all sorts of medical professions after you're done with your studies abroad.
  • If you like working with people then medicine is the right study path for you.
  • Medicine makes you feel better because there is no better reward then helping others. Most doctors agree there is no greater joy than curing a patient.
  • People might be bored by an English degree, but everyone will be impressed if you tell them you want to be a doctor. The social credibility is strong for someone in medicine.
“In medicine, you'll never stop learning and always be growing.”

Why a Pro Application Assessment Done Now!

We encourage students to initiate their medicine study application as early as possible, and no less than 5 months before the application deadline. Our seasoned advisors will go through the nitty gritty and ensure all necessary steps are taken to make your medicine application a success.

Your application assessment includes

  • Advising and shortlisting the right medical schools for you after closely assessing your recent qualifications
  • Helping you apply to four medical schools in the UK, Ireland and/ or Malaysia
  • Interview practice runs for your preparedness
  • Ensure all deadlines are met well before time
  • Required admission tests passed i.e. ISAT, UKCAT and BMAT
  • Advice on what work experience to complete prior to your application
  • Edit and finalize all application supporting documents
  • Edit your personal statement if required
  • Read out the general entry requirement for medicine program

Medical Shadowing

Shadowing a student is a great way to find out if a career in medicine might be right for you. A one or two weeks shadowing program in the UK will give you a better understanding of what a doctor’s typical day is like, and give you good experience to talk about in your university applications and

How do you find a hospital for shadowing with doctors?

If you are college student and planning to apply for Medicine degree in the future. This is the right program you must go for. JnS has strong relationships with medical schools and hospitals on campus in the UK. You can apply for Shadowing program with JnS at our partner hospital.

Contact JnS office or email us at least 8 weeks before you’d like to begin shadowing.

Apply Ready To

Are you ready to apply for a medicine study program abroad? Go to our University page and select the degree level, discipline and medicine program you wish to study and apply for universities with one application form. Our advisor will contact you immediately.

If you wish to talk to an education advisor before starting your medicine application process with JnS.

Education, contact our advisors or book a free online consultation.

Skype consultation language options: English, Arabic, Hindi/Urdu

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